Foam Slitting or Splitting


Our slitting machine allows us to slit sheets of a variety of different foam types quickly and accurately. We can cut multiple thicknesses off the same piece of material and ensure that you get the best possible yield from your material.

Advantages of Foam Slitting

What Materials Can we Cut?

All foam types, EVA and some Insulation materials.

Material Dimensions

Our foam slitting machine has the ability to cut foams down to 8mm sheet thickness.

We can slit foam blocks as large as 2.2m wide, 3.3m long & 1.5m high.

We like To Keep Things Simple...

This Is How We Work with you in 3 Steps


We prefer if you could send us a DXF file, however we accept CAD files and drawings with measurements. This is something we can discuss with you.
CAD File Drawing Interpretation

Material Selection/supply

Either send us your materials or let us source something for you.

Foam Slitting materials Image 3

Job is cut + Delivered To your Door

Once approved, your job will be cut and we will organise delivery of your converted parts and any excess materials that you have supplied.

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