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Abrastop® Transport Flooring solutions are the most durable complete flooring systems for mass transit applications available today. It’s unique composition provides unsurpassed benefits to the Rollingstock builder, Operator and Passengers. These benefits include:

This composite transport flooring system comprises prelaminated floor cover and subfloor in easy to install panels that are directly bonded to the vehicle’s floor structure with a flexible high performance adhesive.

It’s non porous surface is unsurpassed in its resistance to wear, water resistance and non slip qualities. Abrastop, is resistant to Cuts, Impact, Chemical Products and Graffiti and meets Global FST standards. These panels are tailored to customer requirements including colour matching plus totally integrated options for Photoluminescent, tactile and AddGRIP surfaces and bands as well as integrated logos

ABRASTOP Transport Flooring SYSTEM

Tailored Transport Flooring

Our broad portfolio of high performance transport flooring means you can customise the flooring to your needs


Abrastop has been widely used in Passenger and Freight Trains and Light Rail since 1985 by global leaders in rollingstock manufacturing.

Projects have included installations in North & South America, France, Canada, Singapore and Australia

Meeting Industry Specs

Abrastop meets global standards for mass transit for fire, smoke and toxicity, slip resistance, flexural strength, and acoustical and anti-graffiti performance requirements.
Specifications include:

  • EN45545-2
  • HL3
  • NFF 16-101 F1
  • NFP92 507 M2
  • SMP800
Slip resistant transport Flooring


Our clients do not need to replace the floor covering even once over its 40-year lifespan, which makes
it the most economical flooring system available on the market today. AbrastopTM
remains easy to clean throughout its lifetime as a result of its non-porous surface.

  • Graffiti can be cleaned easily
  • Chewing gum can be easily removed
  • Resistant to detergent & other cleaning chemicals

Safe Transportation Flooring

Abrastop Flooring Systems provide excellent safety for passengers. Apart from meeting the highest FST standards, this flooring exhibits very high slip resistance even under wet conditions. Unlike Vinyl or rubber surfaces, the slip resistance of this composite product slip remains unchanged throughout the life of the flooring.

Abrastop meets fire, smoke and toxicity requirements to EN45545 HL3 for mass transit applications. It exhibits high slip resistance even when wet and remains unchanged throughout the life of the train.

Choosing strong Transportation flooring allows the floor to remain in good condition — without requiring extensive
maintenance, repairs, or replacement of parts — throughout its operational lifespan. Our flooring solutions are resistant to wear, impact, fire, and water, and is perfect for mass transit
applications. It acts as an effective barrier against infiltration of liquids and it protects structures and subfloors from decomposition and corrosion.

No Cutting, No Tearing, No Bubbling

Chewing gum and graffiti are easy to remove without need for strong detergents.

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