Technical Textiles

Speciality textiles for PPE and Load Bearing Equipment

Our partnerships with specialist manufacturers of technical textiles who have expertise in high-performance yarns, weaving, and knitting plus capabilities for advanced coatings and finishes enable us to provide cutting-edge textile solutions that are tailored to meet specific functional requirements.

Innovative Yarns and Expert Choice is Critical

These manufacturers utilise a wide range of specialist yarns including:

The choice of yarns, composition and construction is crucial to ensuring the finished fabric delivers the desired performance. Our textile partners specialise in developing specific fabric constructions to produce complex technical textiles which perform under an array of extreme conditions.

Our curated portfolio of technical textiles from leading global textile manufacturers is a valuable resource for designers and product engineers working in sectors such as general Industrial PPE, Defence, Fire Fighters, Police and Sports Apparel where performance, reliability and durability are critical.

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