Technical Bonding Films & Tapes

Technical Bonding Films & Tapes

Technical Bonding Films & Tapes

Working with Lohmann who are experts in the field of pressure sensitive adhesive tapes and reactive chemistry structural bonding provides us with a diverse portfolio of adhesive systems, the knowledge and capability to tailor technical adhesive solutions for diverse design and material requirements.

These bonding films and tapes are used across a broad range of industries:

A Range of Options

Lohmann Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tapes are available as transfer, single or double-sided tapes with a range of adhesives; Acrylic, Modified Acrylic and Rubber.

Carrier types include Fabric, Paper, Foam (PE, PU, PVC) and Films (PET, PP, PE PC, PU, PVC)


The more recent development of DuploTEC SBF Structural bonding films have provided much stronger bonding solutions than conventional pressure-sensitive adhesives.

DuploTEC SBF is easy to handle, dimensionally precise with quick processing. The PU range offers excellent bonding on the smallest surfaces. Topaz technology combines high adhesive strength and flexibility with curing within seconds and low activation temperatures.

Applications include electronics, bonding and technical textiles such as aramids.


A long history of supply to the Automotive industry has led to great expertise in a variety of bonding applications. The DuploCOLL range of tapes are used throughout the vehicles and have a broad range of purposes including cable fastening, exterior permanent bonding of add-on compnents such as Spoilers, rear view cameras etc, headliner bonding, external mirrors, anti noise and corrosion protection.


These adhesive tapes are engineered for cushioning, repositioning, thermal conductivity, airtight seals, temperature extremes, conductivity and more.


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