Silicone elastomers exhibit outstanding performance features compared with other elastomers. Their resistance to temperature extremes, UV, Ozone, width and rain ensures excellent service life for sealing, gasketing, gap filling, vibration isolation and thermal insulation. 

Silicone rubbers can withstand temperatures from -60C to 230C and outperform many other elastomers in retaining thickness, compression set resistance and hardness under environmental extremes. 

Silicone elastomers are very durable materials. They retain their flexibility in demanding environmental conditions, are highly resistant to compression set, have good chemical stability, excellent electrical insulation and inherent resistance to flame propagation.  

These mechanical resilience and safety features make silicone rubbers the optimum material for critical applications and protection of equipment in Transport, Mining, Defence, Communication, Medical Devices, and Electronics. 

Our comprehensive portfolio of silicone elastomers reflects the outstanding qualities of this material, its versatility, and its suitability for demanding performance applications. 

Our portfolio is divided into the following broad Silicone categories:


Outstanding Properties


Each of these categories include a number of formulations to provide a choice of physical properties and performance capabilities to suit a wide range of applications. All products are produced under strict quality control and tight dimensional tolerances to assure designers and product engineers of consistent quality and performance in their applications. 


After detailed consultation with our customers to understand all aspects of their application we provide guidance for selection of the most suitable silicone material. Our extensive conversion capabilities enables us to rapidly prototype and meet production needs for components, tapes, gaskets and seals. 

Speciality Silicones

Specialty Silicone products meet stringent industry-specific needs, flame tests and can withstand extreme temperatures.

Cellular Silicones

Available in a wide range of firmness – from ultra soft to extra firm – BISCO Cellular Silicones are ideal for sealing, cushioning, vibration isolation, and insulation

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Silicone Sponge

Our kSil range of sponge rubber exhibits the same exceptional qualities of other Silicone materials. As a closed cell material these provide very reliable sealing, cushioning, vibration isolation and insulation. These foams have excellent sealing capability to IP67 preventing moisture, water and dust ingress. 

kSil Sponge is available in continuous rolls in densities from 150kg/m3 to 600 kg/m3 and thicknesses from 1.5mm to 12.5mm. Thicknesses up to 50mm are also available in Sheets. 

kSil V-0 has been formulated for mass transit interior applications and is approved to EN45545-2 (HL3). It has low compression set providing excellent sealing properties for a variety of applications including door seals, electronic enclosure seals, HVAC seals and gaskets, Vibration dampening, gap fillers and LED gaskets. This silicone sponge grade is an excellent alternative to the BISCO BF1000 & BF2000 products for interior rail applications. 

kSil V-0 is available as extrusions  (expanSil V-0) as well as solid sheeting and extrusion kSil V-0 70 

Solid Silicones

Solid Silicone materials are designed for high temperature/high pressure gasketing applications. They are available in a range of thicknesses and durometers, offering flexibility in materials selection. Grades are also available with fibreglass reinforcement for added dimensional stability and increased tear strength.

Rogers BISCO Solid Silicones and Silicone Engineering kSil Solid silicone sheeting meet a diverse range of applications. This portfolio includes:

General Purpose Solids:

  • Range of durometers from 30 – 80 Shore A
    Range of thicknesses from 0.3mm – 20mm
  • Grades available with fiberglass reinforcement for added dimensional stability and increased tear strength

Performance Solids:

  • Range of durometers from 10-40 Shore A
  • Tight tolerances and softness, ideal for demanding sealing applications
  • FDA-approved, Antimicrobial, Oil resistant and FAR25.853 grades are available.


Our Silicone extrusion range includes both silicone sponge extrusions; expanSil™ and suraSil™ solid silicone extrusions. 

expanSil™ is a high quality closed cell silicone sponge available in Tubing, Cord, Profiles and sections with densities from 150kg/m3 to 530kg/m3. It is ideal for many commercial and industrial applications including Outdoor Lighting Gaskets, Outdoor Digital Signage, Door Seals and Electrical Enclosure seals 

These extrusions are stable over a wide range of temperatures (-60C to 230C) 

The suraSil™ solid silicone extrusion range provides all the resilience and versatility of silicone rubber and is available in a range of firmnesses from 30-80 Shore A durometer. Specialty grades for High Tear, Flame retardance, Fluorosilicone, and low smoke and toxicity are available  

BUn Silicones

Bun Silicones are lightweight cellular silicone cast into a bun up to 8 inches in thickness. The silicone foam is a high quality silicone foam material designed for a wide range of cushioning and sealing applications. It features exceptional FST (flame, smoke, and toxicity) characteristics, superior weather- and UV-resistance, and low compression set to ensure safety, long-term comfort and durability.

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