Protective Clothing

Personal Protective Clothing starts with the right material choices. Our extensive materials database includes some highly technical textiles, polymers, and foams that we combine to create fit-for-purpose protective wear for those working in demanding/high-risk environments. Our focus is to firstly help designers achieve safety but also flexibility and comfort.

A collaborative approach:

Our goal is to work collaboratively with your design team and the end user to create fit for purpose PPE that meets the most stringent of standards/requirements.

We partner with leading textile manufacturers around the world to help us create truly bespoke solutions for your protective clothing needs.


We believe that comfortable PPE is crucial for maintaining human performance for extended periods in demanding environments. Focussing heavily on wearer comfort, we utilise the very best protective materials to ensure satisfaction from the end user.

Our key focus areas

in this space but not limited to:

Protective Clothing Materials

Industries that we work with:

Aviation Suits

Fire Protection


Protective Sportswear


Soldier combat ensemble

Consider Breathability and Comfort When Selecting Protective Clothing.

Choosing the right materials for your protective clothing is critical to ensuring your safety in the workplace. At Mason Grogan Industrial, we understand that different industries and tasks require different levels of protection, and we’re here to help you make informed decisions about the materials that will work best for you. 

Whether you’re working with hazardous chemicals or flames, we can help you find materials that are designed to resist permeation, penetration, and flame propagation. We also take into account other factors like comfort, durability, and ease of movement, so you can be sure that your protective clothing not only keeps you safe, but also allows you to perform your job effectively. With our Materials Intelligence service, you can trust that you’re getting the right materials for your needs, every time.

Choose Materials for Protective Clothing That Is Designed for Your Needs.

At Mason Grogan Industrial, we understand the importance of choosing the right materials for your protective clothing needs. That’s why we offer consulting services to ensure that fit-for-purpose materials are used for your specific requirements. 

With our Materials Intelligence service, we can help you select materials that provide the necessary level of protection for your industry or task, while also taking into account factors like breathability, durability, and flexibility. Our goal is to help you reduce the risk of injury or harm while maximising your safety and comfort. Trust Mason Grogan Industrial for all your protective clothing needs.


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