Poron XRD®

Poron XRD® foams are the best lightweight, wearable impact protection material. Comfortable, flexible and contouring, Poron XRD® protection frees you of rigid, bulky and constricting padding. On impact, the Poron XRD foam high performance instantly firms to create a unique protective shield that absorbs more than 90% of energy – hit after hit. After impact it returns to its soft, flexible state.

XRD® materials offer the consistency and reliability of PORON brand foams that designers have depended on for over 50 years.

Poron XRD

TEchnology Benefits OF PORON XRD® 


Poron XRD®
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Poron XRD foam

Poron® XRD Technology

XRD® technology is designed to meet the demand for a protective foam material that performs in the most intense conditions. It will not constrict freedom of movement, and is ideal for a wide range of applications that demand motion and impact protection, including helmets, ski racing and motorcycle suits, safety boots, knee and elbow pads, chest protectors and more.

Poron® XRD Uses

Poron Performance Cushioning features an outstanding high impact shock absorption for a wide range of protective padding used in sports (cycling, motorsports, snowsports, hockey, cricket, rugby) and industrial safety. Its unique ability to adapt to the impact force and its effectiveness at differing weights and thicknesses makes the XRD® technology ideally suited for Military Protective Equipment and Protective Footwear applications.

Poron® XRD Features

XRD® Extreme Impact Protection features a lightweight and low-profile material that adds a powerful design advantage. Available in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses, it helps to enhance your current and next generation designs. Antimicrobial protection helps protect the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew that can cause stains, odour and product deterioration.

What is Poron XRD Foam?

Poron XRD foam is a high-performance foam material used for impact protection and shock absorption. It is made up of a combination of advanced urethane chemistry and a unique cellular structure that allows it to absorb and dissipate energy upon impact.

 Unlike traditional foam materials that compress and bottom out, Poron XRD foam is designed to maintain its structural integrity, providing long-lasting protection for the user. It is commonly used in a variety of applications, including sports equipment, footwear, electronics, and industrial safety gear. With its advanced technology and superior performance, Poron XRD foam has become a trusted material for those looking to stay protected and safe in high-impact situations.

What is A Poron XRD sheet?

Poron XRD sheet is a type of high-performance foam material that is specifically designed to absorb and dissipate impact energy.

The material is made up of a unique blend of polyurethane foam and an advanced polymer technology called “XRD,” which stands for “Extreme Impact Protection.” When exposed to sudden impact or shock, the material undergoes a phase change and becomes firmer, allowing it to absorb and disperse the force of the impact. Once the impact is over, the material returns to its original state and is ready to absorb another impact.

Poron XRD sheets are widely used in various industries, including sports, automotive, and electronics, where impact protection is crucial. Its unique properties make it an excellent material for applications such as protective padding, shock absorption, and vibration damping.

WHere Can I Buy Poron xrd foam in australia?

If you are looking to buy Poron XRD foam in Australia, one option is to purchase it from Mason Grogan Industrial. They are a leading supplier of industrial materials and offer a range of Poron Australia products for different applications. Our website provides a detailed description of the available products. In addition, we have a team of experts who can assist with any technical questions or inquiries you may have about the product. 

Mason Grogan Industrial is committed to providing high-quality products and excellent customer service, making them a reliable option for anyone looking to purchase Poron XRD in Australia.

WHere Can I get a poron xrd foam impact absorption pad?

Poron XRD foam impact absorption pads are specialised pads made from Poron XRD foam material. These pads are designed to protect equipment, tools, and machinery from impact damage by absorbing and dispersing the force of the impact. The pads are made from a blend of polyurethane foam and advanced polymer technology called XRD, which allows them to undergo a phase change upon impact and then return to their original state.

 Poron XRD foam impact absorption pads are widely used in various industries such as automotive, electronics, and sports, where impact protection is crucial. These pads are available in various sizes and shapes, making them suitable for various applications. In Australia, you can purchase these pads from Mason Grogan Industrial, we offer a a range of high-quality Poron XRD foam impact absorption pads that are durable and long-lasting and customised to your project.

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