Mining and Construction vehicles are generally operating in challenging conditions such as temperature extremes, exposure to high levels of UV and ozone, as well as dust, dirt and water ingress. A number of our advanced materials provide reliable performance under these conditions to protect equipment, improve operator safety, comfort and performance.

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Our extensive range of high performance Silicone Sponges, Solids, Foams and extrusions serve many applications in the Mining & Heavy Vehicles. Their outstanding resilience under temperature and environmental extremes make them ideal for durable and reliable seals, gaskets, spacers and vibration dampening applications.

We also provide durable silicone seat cushion solutions which will outlast other commonly used seat foams. These cushions will not degrade under challenging conditions and ensure continuous comfort for the lift of the seat. These silicone cushions have been tested for repeated impact and do not lose any height after 1,000,000 cycles of load testing.

Cello Insulation materials

Cello PUR foam with imitation leather surface provides an excellent insulation for Cabin roof, walls. It is easy to clean, very durable and provides an easy to clean surface. The Cello flooring material provides insulation as well as an anti-skid surface for high traffic areas. A range of Cello materials insulate engine compartments and are oil, water and fuel repellent. 


Mining Vehicle Materials
Mining Vehicle Materials
Mining Vehicle Materials

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