Mason Grogan marine supplies include a range of high performance technical materials for the marine industry.

Marine Challenges

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Marine Sealing

Our specialty marine supplies include silicone foam tapes and extrusions which outperform other commonly used tapes for long-term sealing from water and particle ingress. 

Their resistance to temperature extremes, salt, and compression set give outstanding long-term sealing for hatches and doors.

They effectively seal without the need for high closure forces and contour uneven surfaces to create superb sealing.

Boat Vibration Dampening

Our marine supplies include silicone and Poron Urethane foams which are excellent vibration isolators and can be used between hull and floors or walls to significantly reduce vibration and noise.

Heat, Noise and Fire Management

Our flame barrier products and sound insulation materials provide long term reliable acoustic, temperature and fire management for engine housing.

Marine Leather

Our Engineered leather is ideal for wall panels and seating giving a luxury finish to interiors.

We service marine supplies to builders and re-fitters of commercial vessels, private luxury cruisers, super yachts, smaller yachts, and defence vessels.

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