Industrial Design Materials

Industrial Design Materials

The best materials resource for Industrial Designers in Australia

Mason Grogan Industrial material selection offers an exhaustive resource library of technical materials, foams, textiles, plastics, films and adhesives to provide industrial designers with a central local source of materials, knowledge and physical samples available to help them meet industrial design challenges. 

Materials Selection Expertise

Material Selection Expertise

Our specialist Technical Sales team offers expertise to guide Industrial Designers through the proliferation of material options available and to develop tailored fit for purpose solutions. 

In house Converting

Our precision converting and prototyping capabilities enable quick validation of design as well as fast, reliable local manufacturing for both small and large projects. We will guide you to use the most cost-effective converting method for your project. We have the most advanced ATOM FlashCut CNC machine in Australia.

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In house application testing/proofing

Our success in identifying reliable solutions is backed by a comprehensive suite of materials and specifications testing including:


Standard Physical testing:

Density | Thickness | CFD | Compression Set | Tensile | Elongation

Customised Material Testing:

Solvent Resistance | Stress Relaxation | Burn | Water Sealing | Impact | Acoustic | Fogging | Thermal Conductivity | Vibration



Prototyping Capabilities

We provide a prototyping service to prove your designs and material selection. Talk to us today about how we structure this service. 

Materials Intelligence Library

The Materials Intelligence HUB

Mason Grogan Industrial utilises its on-site Materials Intelligence HUB as its central resource for a diverse range of highly technical foams, industrial bonding solutions, industrial cushions,  industrial insulation materials, textiles, plastics, films and adhesives. The Materials Intelligence HUB has been evolving over 30 years and has grown as a result of all the exciting projects we have been involved in. It’s the perfect location for designers to realise their product development aspirations.

Industrial Design Companies we support:

We are proud to have helped 15+ Australian design companies with technical materials solutions. We can’t wait to help more. 

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Industrial Design Materials Advice

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