Bus and Coach Materials

Bus and Coach Materials

Our extensive experience with advanced materials for mass transit enables us to provide best-in-class tailored solutions and sustainable solutions which address … challenges in sealing, insulation, vibration & acoustics, seating, flooring, thermal management as well as graffiti & fire protection.

Our EN45545 compliant Insulation materials are used in the passenger compartment within the roof, sidewalls, and floor to improve comfort and safety. They are also used in the Engine Bay walls and around hot spots to reduce noise, reduce heat and contain fire. With over 69% recycled content and durability, they are a sustainable solution.

We help our customers select fit-for-purpose materials for busses and we offer a diverse range of converting techniques to supply ready-to-install parts. Our knowledge and advanced products assist in the protection of people and assets, improve passenger and operator performance,  improve through life costs and reduce landfill.

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