Our extensive range of PORON® urethanes and BISCO® silicones provide excellent solutions for reliable long term environmental sealing against water and dust, vibration & noise reduction, critical gap filling, cushioning and thermal management across a wide range of automotive interior and exterior applications.

Exceptional resistance to UV, proven performance at temperature extremes, properties that meet automotive requirements for anti-fogging, flammability & oil resistance, the ability to provide a constant spring force over long periods of time as well as producing a consistent level of force over a range of compressions are just a few of the features that have led to the specification of these materials by leading global automotive & manufacturers, tier suppliers and aftermarket accessory manufacturers. Sealing and vibration dampening components manufactured from PORON® and BISCO® are ideal for use in 4WD, RV and Mining vehicles operating in the harsh environmental conditions experienced in Australia.

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Mason Grogan provides material solutions for EV Batteries, Storage and Charging Stations. These include seals & gaskets to protect sensitive components from water, dust or air ingress for battery modules & packs & EV Charging Stations, Flame resistant materials and foils to delay flame & heat propagation from Thermal runaway, spacers, cooling plate spring pads & pouch cell pads.


Our performance insulation materials provide excellent durable insulation within car cabs and canopies for the 4WD , Mining and Agriculture Industries. Mason Grogan also offers high performance DeWal® Venting membranes which are specially engineered to protect a wide range of critical enclosures. They are ideal for EV Battery Air pressure management and to reduce heat and protect LED Lights from environmental elements.

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