Vibration & Acoustic Materials

Vibration & Acoustic Materials

vibration and acoustic materials

Excessive and continuous vibration of a structure can result in internal component wear and ultimately failure of the structure or component. Noise and vibration inside a mass transit vehicle are key factors for passenger comfort and must be managed to keep interior noise levels to a minimum as well as protection of equipment within electrical enclosures. Similarly, the vibration must be kept to a minimum in medical monitoring devices for both patient comfort and protection of critical sensitive interior components.

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We offer an extensive range of material solutions for vibration isolation, sound absorption and sound blocking applications in transportation, communication and electronics markets. This includes our portfolio of PORON® urethane, BISCO® and kSil® silicone elastomers for use as sound barriers and vibration isolation as well as our comprehensive Cello® range of absorbing insulation materials from Cellofoam.

We developed tailored solutions for our customers which may require a composite package from these ranges to address a variety of challenges within one application.


We employ PORON® urethanes in gaskets, tapes and pads to isolate vibration within automotive interiors, mobile phones and consumer electronics. We provide BISCO® silicone tapes and gaskets in low-frequency environments such as passenger railcars as they are excellent and highly resilient isolators whilst also meeting stringent EN45545 Fire Standards. Their stability in a wide range of environments and ability to deflect vibrations over extended periods of time also make them ideal for isolators in communications, electronics applications and 4WD exterior applications.

Our kSil® Silicone sponges are used for a variety of vibration isolation applications in aerospace, automotive, rail and HVAC meeting stringent industry standards and performing in extreme environment.

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Our Cellofoam solutions include Polyester Non-Woven and PUR foam materials with specialty products for fire retardancy and resistance to water absorption. These are high-performing sound absorption materials that are excellent for mass transit applications such as Rail and Bus & Coach industries where passenger safety is critical and there are stringent requirements for Flame, Smoke, and Toxicity. Importantly they are very safe to handle, do not break down, do not contain restricted substances and are fully recyclable.

 We provide pre-cut and kitted solutions for thermal insulation and sound absorption in Floors, walls, ceilings, and airconditioning ducts of trains, trams, and buses.

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