Thermal Management

Thermal Management

We provide a range of thermal management solutions that protect people, electronics and critical systems across a diverse range of industries. Our portfolio of specialist materials address heat transfer requirements whether it be by conduction, convection or radiation strategies.

Our portfolio of high-performing materials provides thermal solutions that protect electronics and critical systems by maintaining optimum temperature conditions for reliable performance and preventing premature component failure. 

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The Materials

Solutions include: Secure® thermal transfer adhesives for electrical isolation and removal of heat. Arlon®, Bisco® and kSil® Silicones for protection against environmental extremes. ProCell™ EV Firewall for temperature protection in battery pack designs .

Our range of Silicone materials are ideal for thermal insulation and meet stringent global regulations for interiors in Aerospace (FAR) as well as numerous specifications for Airbus and Boeing. Similarly, our Silicone ranges and Cello® PES range is used in new rollingstock builds and refurbishments in Rail meeting the highest level in EN45545

Thermal Management Materials

Temperature Regulation

Our extensive range of Technical textiles help regulate temperature using a range of technologies for optimum human performance and mobility. These specialist textiles include 3XD Spacer Fabrics a range of three dimensional knitted fabrics which employ a diverse range of fibres such as Polyamide, Nomex, Kevlar ,Coolmax and cooling technologies to meet challenges such as heat generation, high abrasion, fire retardence and compression set resistance. Our specialist textile range includes high air permeability, high wicking and embedded antimicrobial capabilities to enhance cooling through convection and maintaining a healthy environment next to the skin.

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