Shock & Impact Protection

Shock & Impact Protection

Our broad portfolio of specially formulated foams are designed to absorb and distribute impact energy in portable devices, ruggedised equipment and personal protection. These foams have an outstanding ability to perform under repeated impact and include formulations for use in environmental extremes and for water sealing capabilities.


When Is Impact Absorption Required

PORON® urethanes are used in gaskets and back pads to absorb impact energy and prevent cracks in LCD displays. BISCO® silicones protect electronics from shock and heat and are ideal for outdoor applications and environmental extremes.

Protection for Electronics

We can produce thin flexible gaskets made from PORON® urethanes to protect displays and back pads for protecting batteries and OLED displays in portable devices. In many instances these solutions provide four times more impact energy absorption than competitive materials and their exceptional ability to resist compression set and low stress relaxation gives long term reliability of the device.

90% Impact absorption

Our XRD® Impact from Rogers provides a flexible contouring foam which instantly hardens to a protective shell under high rates of impact absorbing up to 90% of the impact energy. This enables lightweight, low-profile protection in defence & high-impact sports applications without restricting movement.   

Our experience in a range of applications, deep technical understanding of the impact performance of XRD, supported by external measurable testing, enables us to guide our customer’s selection for the most appropriate formulation for their application. We also support them in their design and converting requirements with CAD and CNC dieless cutting capabilities for rapid prototype development and eventual production.

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Shock absorption in Action

Our library of global innovative materials includes a range of shock absorption materials. Our Resource Library houses a curated collection of high tech fit for purpose materials.

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