Sealing Gaskets

Sealing Gaskets

Sealing Gaskets

The correct choice of foams and design of gaskets are critical to performance, longevity and maintenance costs of components. We work with engineers from the design stage to ensure that long-term sealing needs are met without compromising on safety and performance of other components.

A wide range of formulations are available for tailored solutions. Extruded solutions are also available for designs where gaskets and tapes are not suitable. becomes critical.

Our understanding of gasket design, in-depth technical knowledge of our materials and converting capabilities help designers and manufacturers address their ingress sealing challenges to achieve protection ratings such as IP67.


Gasket Design Process

We have the technical expertise and experience in gasket design and material selection to help you achieve your design objectives. We can help you determine the optimal grade, thickness, width and the appropriate compression that will work within your design constraints without compromising the sealing, gap filling or vibration management.

Our GAsket Expertise

Meeting Industry Specs

Sealing materials must also meet a range of industry specifications. Our materials meet some of the most stringent specifications in the transport industry such as:

  • FAR specifications in aviation
  • EN45545 HL3 (FST) in rail
  • FMVSS302 (automotive flame resistance)
  • SAE-J1756 (fogging)
  • ULJMST2 (gasketing)
  • AMS 3568 (Corrosion resistance)
  • As well as many other industry specifications

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