When safety, comfort and longevity for seating is critical, our No Flame Cushion® silicone solutions have proven to outperform all other cushioning systems.

We utilise proprietary silicone technology and expertise in design and converting to develop tailored solutions for passenger transport (bus, coach, rail), defence and public spaces. This technology delivers exceptional safety and meets the most stringent of Flame, Smoke and Toxicity global specifications including EN45545 HL3. We offer a wide selection of upholstery solutions such as Jacquard, Moquette and ELeather as part of our NoFlame Cushion® solution to ensure that final FST testing reflects a complete system for customers and ensures full compliance with safety specifications.


These cushions exhibit outstanding longevity with resistance to temperature extremes, UV and repeated impact. With less than 5% loss in height after 1,000,000 impact cycles, our No Flame Cushions® are guaranteed not to lose shape after 10 years.


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We work with our customers from concept development, rapid prototyping, testing and production through to final delivery to deliver projects faster and within budget.

 Our production system enables us to meet low volume requirements as well as large seating contracts with ease.

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Our inhouse R&D capabilities enable us to provide quantitative data to objectively assess designs and develop cushioning systems that ensure comfort. We also offer:

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NoFlame Cushion silicone solutions are designed to provide safety, comfort and longevity for seating. The materials used in the manufacturing of No Flame Cushion silicone solutions are all non-toxic and free of flame retardants.

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The fire proof Cushion® silicone solutions have been tested by independent laboratories to ensure they meet or exceed the requirements of the California Fire Code. Materials such as fire-resistant wool and polyester have been used to ensure that the products are safe for use in public places like schools, theaters, and restaurants buses, and rail cushions. When safety, comfort and longevity for seating is critical, our fire Cushion silicone solutions have proven to be the most effective.

Safety Cushion silicone solutions are designed to provide a safe and comfortable environment for those who work in environments with high risk of fire or where there is constant exposure to extreme heat sources. The safety Cushion® silicone solution is available in a variety of shapes and sizes. It can be used as an insert or as an overlay on existing furniture and flooring surfaces.

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