Gaskets and Seals

Gaskets and Seals

Seals are used in industrial, electrical and electronic applications to protect internal components from damaging effects of water or dust ingress, impact or vibration material selection is critical in the design of successful sealing and is influenced by a number of design considerations including:

  • Environmental factors such as temperature, chemical, or solvents
  • The load limits of cover and flange
  • Gasket dimensions and pattern of gasket compression
  • Sealing specifications of different Industry Standards


Tailored Gaskets and Seals

Our broad portfolio of high performance foams, sponges and extrusions together with an extensive range of converting capabilities backed by an extensive knowledge base and materials testing, has enabled us to provide our customers with tailored sealing and gasketing solutions across a broad range of industries.

Gasket and Seal Uses

They are used in applications such as exterior and internal lighting gaskets, headlamp seals, LED displays, electronic enclosures, smart phones, medical device seals and EV/HeV Battery packs.

Meeting Industry Specs

PORON®, BISCO® and KSil® are certified for use to many standards across Aviation, Automotive, Rail and enclosures specifications including:

  • FAR specifications in aviation
  • EN45545 HL3 (FST) in rail
  • FMVSS302 (automotive flame resistance)
  • SAE-J1756 (fogging)
  • ULJMST2 (gasketing)
  • AMS 3568 (Corrosion resistance)
  • As well as many other industry specifications

Poron® urethanes, Bisco® and KSil® Silicones are highly compressible and conformable and exhibit excellent resistance to compression set. They are low outgassing, non fogging and contain no plasticisers to contaminate devices. These foams and sponges have been engineered to perform under a wide range of design conditions and their excellent physical properties provide life of the product sealing characteristics

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