Gap Filling, Spacers and Pads

Gap Filling, Spacers and Pads

Product Designers and Engineers often require gap fillers to seal out water and dust, reduce noise and shock or dampen vibration within their products. These gap fillers need to be flexible, resist thinning out, and maintain a consistent pushback to fill and seal gaps over long periods of time and under a broad range of environmental conditions.

Our PORON® urethanes, BISCO®, and kSil® silicones offer excellent resistance to compression set and remain flexible for consistent long-term sealing. Their flexible nature and resistance to collapse reliably fill gaps that may be inconsistent and compensate for any design discrepancies and engineering tolerances.

Our wide portfolio of products ensures that we can provide tailored gap-filling solutions to meet a broad range of designs in both Urethane or Silicone materials. These solutions include pre-cut gaskets, pads, or tapes with rapid prototyping to help you finalise designs and be assured of their success in operation.

BISCO® and kSil® Silicone products provide excellent flame resistance and are approved to Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) for aircraft interiors and EN45545 FST for Rail.

These silicones are also resistant to UV and provide consistent gap-filling across temperatures from 60˚C to 230˚C.

PORON®, BISCO®, and kSil® gap-filling solutions provide many performance advantages over materials such as EPDMs and Neoprenes and give the product developer greater freedom in design.

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