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Mason Grogan Industrial are a leading source of innovative technically advanced materials and knowledge for manufacturers who may be looking to improve their product quality or performance, achieve production efficiencies, enhance sustainability or take a product idea from concept to commercialisation.

Our extensive knowledge supported by strong supply partnerships with global innovative materials manufacturers enable us to provide the right product with reliability of supply and comprehensive technical support. We keep updated with materials advances and industry trends to provide our clients with innovative solutions that are high quality and high value for their business.

We love what we do and every day we are energised by helping our customers select just the right material solution that addresses their specific design and performance challenges. Each of our technical sales engineers brings a specific expertise to the team and we often work together on a client’s problem to develop a tailored solution. This collaborative approach, diverse knowledge base and our Materials Resource Library makes us a powerful partner for customers to rely upon for their challenging projects.

Our Heritage


Mason Grogan was established by Meredyth Grogan to provide technical materials to manufacturing industries with a special focus on Footwear and Podiatry Manufacturing. During this era many partnerships were forged with global manufacturers of innovative materials and our evolution began as a unique Australian based materials resource for manufacturers which quickly moved beyond footwear and podiatry and into broader industrial markets.


As manufacturers in these new industrial market segments embraced our expertise in materials, we developed distinctive business units with specialist technical sales teams to provide focussed support to each of our diverse manufacturing segments. These business segments were launched under new banners to reflect the market environments served and Mason Grogan Industrial was clearly defined as a distinctive business unit.

Materials REsource Hub

As our range of innovative materials grew it became clear that our material solutions often emerged from cross-industry applications and a central materials library was needed. Our Materials Resource hub was established to Inspire, Innovate and Transform. It serves as a unique and valuable resource for our own technical sales teams as well as our customers where they can explore and generate tailored solutions to address a vast array of design, performance and production challenges.

New Capabilities

To assist our customers in their material selection and refining their designs, we added state of the art inhouse CNC cutting machinery and CAD capabilities for rapid prototyping. It offers high volume cost effective local conversion and has now also expanded our services to Australian manufacturers who traditionally sourced their component production offshore.

Mason Grogan Industrial are energised by


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Our Health & Safety

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Mason Grogan Industrial’s  approach to safety is one of Zero Harm which encompasses not only a commitment to the safety of our people, but also to their health and wellness and more broadly to securing the long term health of the planet & its people by helping our customers with solutions which minimise the impact of industry on the environment.

Our people are our highest priority and we strive to prevent harm coming to any of our team members or others affected by the work we do. We are dedicated to creating a healthy, safe and secure environment for everyone in our team.

Our Planet

As providers of innovative technical materials we can provide manufacturers from a very diverse range of industries with sustainable solutions that minimise the impact on the environment for our future generations.


See more about this component of our Zero Harm philosophy in Sustainability.


Our people are central to our success and our priority is to ensure every member of our team not only develops to their full potential but also thrives and feels fulfilled in their roles. We actively support our employees with a variety of strategies to help them manage the work life demands, provide job satisfaction and a provide a sense of progress in reaching their personal career goals.


We follow an inclusive approach with all members of our team and share our ideas and expertise in a collaborative environment to constantly find ways to improve how we help our customers, how we work and streamline processes within our organisation. We value our diversity and truly believe that different backgrounds, talents and experiences given great strength to our organisation and joy to our team.

It’s important that our people feel they belong are valued and they can reach their full potential. Our success internally and externally with our customers is based on our diverse life experiences and an environment in which every person feels that they are able to confidently express their ideas and contribute different perspectives to deliver better solutions for our people and for our customers.



As part of our commitment to ensure a safe and healthy work environment for our people, contractors and visitors, we have established policies and systems which satisfy Workplace Health and Safety legislative and regulatory requirements.


As a values focussed organisation with overarching values of respect and care for each other, we have developed a culture which empowers each person to look out for other members of our team and to promote a safe and healthy work environment.

Through open communication our people feel confident to identify and report unsafe practices or behaviour and to contribute towards continual improvement in our management of health and safety.


We have developed robust systems and policies to maintain a COVID-safe work environment and ensure compliance with Government restrictions and minimising the risk of transmission between employees as well as safeguarding our customers.

Mason Grogan Industrial Team

Meredyth Grogan

Meredyth Grogan


Brian G_jpg

Brian G

Technical Sales Manager

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Tim S

Business Development Manager

Karen O_jpg

Karen O

Customer Services And Support

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Kaylene S

Customer Services And Support

A well-seasoned team with diverse skillsets

Our industrial sales team brings together a wealth of knowledge and specialist skills honed over decades of working with manufacturers from a myriad of industries. Combined with our constant desire to openly collaborate with customers we can develop truly tailored material solutions.

More than 80 years of combined experience brings expert support

Our approach has given our team the unique gift of constant learning about new materials, technologies, applications, manufacturing techniques and delivery needs over many years. Mason Grogan Industrial Team are proud to serve as an exceptional resource for manufacturers looking for specialist materials which solve product performance challenges.





Our Sustainability

As industries seek to reduce their impact in the global goals towards net zero emissions targets, we support manufacturers with intelligent materials. Whether they be recycled, made from sustainable resources, are reusable or provide extended life to reduce landfill, we are constantly expanding our portfolio with innovative and sustainable materials.



Our specialty films and engineered foams support renewable energy industries such as Electric vehicles and PV Solar farms.
The constant evolution of science and technology is enabling the development of new materials that not only provide improved performance but also support product manufacturers to reduce, reuse and recycle as the world embraces sustainability. We keep abreast of these innovations and can guide manufacturers with information and materials to manage their impact and meet their sustainability goals.



Our textile range include products made from recycled plastics, recycled fibres and plant based bamboo. Our engineered leather is made from traditionally scrapped parts of the hide and produced without toxic chemicals used in the traditional tanning process. We have innovative high performance foams with biobased content such as soy, sugar cane and other non petrochemical based polyols.



We offer highly durable materials to the rollingstock manufacturing industry which dramatically reduces normal landfill associated with the refurbishment of trains and trams. Our unique composite flooring for rollingstock never needs to be replaced throughout the life time of the train and our No Flame Seat cushions® offer double the life of normal seating foams. In the Printing industry we offer water washable photopolymer and magnesium plates which removes the use and disposing of harmful solvents.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Statement

View our CSR statement below or download it if required. If possible we ask that you don’t print the document unless absolutely essential so as to preserve the limited resources we have. We are happy to answer any questions about our values and the way we work in consideration to our corporate social responsibility, please contact us for further information.

See the Online view of our CSR document VIA

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