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With over 30 years of expertise and the best-in-class global partners, Mason Grogan Industrial delivers world-leading custom technical material solutions for product manufacturers and product designers seeking:

  • Improved performance 
  • Enhanced safety
  • Greater longevity
  • Reduction in the whole of life costs
  • Production efficiencies
  • Sustainable solutions

Mason Grogan Industrial is a unique Australian based resource for manufacturers from a diverse range of industries. We share our extensive knowledge base of materials and comprehensive range of converting methods. 

This cross-industry experience gives us an objective approach to the solutions we develop with our customers. We support this with a carefully curated library of high performing materials. This provides clients with an onshore resource for sampling, prototyping, testing and development. 

Our technical approach gives clients expert guidance to ensure that their material selections addresses their specific challenges which may encompass performance, production, sustainability or cost concerns.

We follow a consultative approach to assist clients with the development of their solutions:

CAD & CNC Cutting Services
Prototyping To Validating & Testing
Converting Materials
Warehousing & Kitting
Delivery of multi-year Projects

Mason Grogan Industrial

How we serve you...

Mason Grogan Industrial keep updated with latest technologies, material advances and industry trends to provide our customers with innovative solutions that are high quality and high value for their businesses.


+Performance Polyurethane
+ Poron
Specialty Silicones
+Elastomeric Polymers
Technical Textiles
Insulation Materials
+Performance Textiles
Mass Transit Flooring
Specialty Bonding Films& Tapes
+Thermoplastic Polymers

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Our suite of capabilities & expertise serve as a unique centralised materials resource for Australian industrial manufacturers:

Prototyping and testing
Knowledge Resource
Materials Library
Tailored Delivery

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Fit For Purpose Materials

Our precision-engineered materials combined with our local expertise and global network enable us to deliver tailored and sophisticated end-to-end technical solutions across Oceania and Asia. We partner with our customers from early project stages, assisting them in concept development, material selection, testing, prototyping, production and delivery.

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“We are passionate about materials and energised by Australian manufacturing. Our suite of capabilities & expertise serve as a unique centralised materials resource for Australian manufacturers”

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Who is Mason Grogan Industrial

Our specialist sales teams provide dedicated technical expertise to each of the diverse markets we serve. Their extensive knowledge supported by our strong supply partnerships enable us to provide the right product solution with reliability of supply and comprehensive technical support.

We are a leading source of innovative technically advanced materials and knowledge for manufacturers who may be looking to:

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Would you like to know which materials to match to your product or design? Want to know what materials suit heat, water, or protect against fire? Our showroom has all the answers.